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Recurring prepaid problems


             Subject has probably been done to death (many times), but I'm a novice when it comes to I.T.

              Live quite a bit out of the major towns so rely heavily on my mobile both phone and internet.

Recently tried to unlock my HUAWEI E5787 modem (prepaid, own it outright), paid the $25 unlock fee, had a so called tech on chat line for about 3 hours, THEN transferred to the mobile phone, given a 16 digit code and achieved absolutely NOTHING!.(After another hour) Impractical to take device to the closest Telstra shop, only a sub-agent, did ring them up, said it was beyond them and contact the 13 number.

What a complete waste of time that was. Paid my $25 and device still locked to Telstra, just wish to simply unlock it and have the freedom to use other sim cards when I go down the coast.

Was suggested I contact the manufacturer, or send the device away to them (as if I am going to do that, only link I have with the internet.

Only alternative I can see is to buy another modem (unlocked) and/or have a few different simcards handy when I travel. PITA, especially when I paid for this outright and have all my devices on prepaid.


Was told on phone that device SHOULD have unlocked

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Re: Recurring prepaid problems

@DM69 The device should've unlocked with the code provided you gave the Telstra Rep the right IMEI number. Have you a family member, or friend that has a bit more IT experience, as perhaps they can try the code.


Alternatively, give Huawei Customer Service a call and see how you go?


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