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Sierra 4g WIFI set up impossible

I am trying to get the new sierra WIFI moden to work. I bought a new I Mac and the moden on the same day.  Whatever, after 3 x 3 hours on the phone with people I hardly understood and connection breaking down in the middle of the call, someone told me there is nothoing they can do because its a problem on their sever and it takes 2 - 3 business days to call me back with, may be, a solution. I cant believe that a technology company like telstra is not able to fix a server problem in a reasonable amount of time. I am studying and working and I probably not able to answer that call whilst beeing at work. I would not be at my computer, anyway. Does anyone have an experience with things like that ? I know, I am writing on a Telstra-Website, but I really need some ideas how to solve my (not)service issue. Thanks to all

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Re: Sierra 4g WIFI set up impossible

It depends on what the issue is.... If your account isn't setup correctly, that could be why there are issues.


Is it a Bigpond service (with an email address) or a Telstra Service?




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Re: Sierra 4g WIFI set up impossible

Hi Sib, I'm sorry to hear the experience that you are having to set up your device, and you have certainly come here to the right place for assistance. As a resident Tech Expert, I will try my very best to see if I can get you up and running with the service that you have recently purchased.

I am not sure which version from the device you have, however from what you are explaining I am about 80-90% certain that you have in your possession the BigPond version of the Sierra 4G Wi-Fi. (if this is not the case, I stand to be corrected). 

As a MAC user myself, I have come across some things which I can safely say only happen on MAC's and in your case, it is the registration. I have also come across with this a multitude of times personally.

If this is the BigPond Version, I can suggest 2 work arounds to fix this:

1. Find a kind friend who has a Windows based computer (preferably not Windows Vista), and run through the installation on their computer. Once the registration is completed and the device completely registered, there should be no need for your MAC to be needing to talk to the registration site thus problem solved.

2. Book a Tech Bar appointment with a Tech Expert at the closest store to which one is available, the link is below, and ask them to assist with the registration.

It 'should be' a fairly easy follow the prompts and fill in the blanks exercise once it is up and running.

I do hope that this give you some help with this issue, please let us know how it goes

Kind Regards,

Tech Expert & Smartphone Champion Claremont WA

Although I am Telstra staff, any views express are my own and don't necessarily reflect those of Telstra

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Re: Sierra 4g WIFI set up impossible



I am having the exact same problem trying to set up the 4g modem on a Mac system. The solution above whilst it sounds like it should work simply does not as I have already registered the device - unfortunately though each time that I use the modem on a different computer (we have two WIndows laptops as well as the Mac) I have to go through the registration process again. So it seems that you have to register the product on each computer that you use it.

I tried for hours last night to get the modem past the registration stage on the Mac but each time it just fell over. I even went into our local online centre and downloaded the driver from the bigpond website and tried to use that instead of the autorun feature but the result was the same. I could not get past the registration stage and the Mac does not even register that the modem is connected.

From what I was reading last night it possibly has something to do with the network setup on the Mac but I could not find any clear instructions as to the solution for this.

As we live in an area that has no land line connection we have to go wireless - so hopefully someone out there has the solution for this very frustrating problem.


Kind regards