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Slow wireless internet speeds!

Hi all, I have the BigPond 4G mobile broadband (even though where I live I don't get 4G) and a Sierra modem, on 4GB a month. Most of the time I go over the limit, but even when I don't, I only get speeds of roughly 500 Kbps. I live in a rural-ish area, but I still think I can get faster speeds. Also, I get very intermittent speeds. One minute, I'm going along fine at about 2.5 Mbps, then it drops to nearly un-usable. By the way, 2.5 Mbps is about the fastest I've ever got it to go!
Any ideas? Smiley Happy

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Re: Slow wireless internet speeds!

Hi, From personal experience i noted that Telstra's mobile modems will default to 4G when a 4G signal is present - despite 3G signal being stronger. you can manually specify which network to use within the telstra connection manager. another option is to connect optional external antenna's to the modem. both the USB dongle and Pocket Wifi modem have capacity for 2 additional antennas. hope this helps
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Re: Slow wireless internet speeds!

Hi Caz090!


So many factors to take into consideration:-

  • What is your received signal like?  If this is lacking, you may need to move the modem to an area with better reception, or even get an external antenna.
  • Is your modem catching some (weak) 4G signals?  You can configure the modem to lock onto 3G only if this is the case.
  • 3G Network congestion - a high possiblity, especially if you notice the slower speeds during peak times.  Not a lot you can do about this unless you get an antenna and can align it to a different tower.  That is providing there is another tower you can align to, and whether it is any less congested than the original.


To give you some idea, I live about 11km away from town.  With my external yagi (antenna) I recieve 100% signal.  I'm configured to 3G only.  Yet, due to the congestion on the network, I could only dream of the speeds you are getting!  The best I can manage, at around 2am in the morning is around 1.6Mbps.  I average around 150kbps during the day :-(


Good luck with it - I hope it turns out to be one of the first two options which you can do something about reasonably easily!

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Re: Slow wireless internet speeds!


Which modem do you have? I dont know if your having the same issue, but ...

Ive seen problems with the Sierra 760s (many times) in location where there is no 4G and there is both older UMTS nextG 850 and newer DC-HSPA+ 850MHz Telstra nextG services on the same, or nearby tower. The modem just keeps swapping to-and-from a "3G" and "DC" connection without staying connected to either for any workable length of time. In some cases the modem would stay connected to 3G or DC for a few minutes, other times only seconds. While the connection is swapping around, no DL/UL of data can occur. And this was with full signal using a 16dBi Yagi Antenna in Line-of sight to the Telstra Tower.


After hours of work on my behalf, and many more hours of telstra CS agents denying that these modems have this issue, one suggested to the owner of the property to just use a 3G only modem. Telstra sent the owner a new modem and problem was solved.
This is an ongoing problem with these 760S (and Ive seen it on a ZTE MF91 just recently) that I just cant believe that the manufacturers have not upgraded the firmware to either fix the issue or allow the modem to be manually set to either DC or WCDMA modes.


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