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Still slow speed with 6dB yagi

Hi I have installed a 3G yagi 804-890mhz on my tv antenna bracket.

I get between -80 and -60dB while disconnected from the internet.

When I connect i get about -80dB no matter where i point it.

My speed tests are between 1.4 and 4.6mb which is still no faster if i just stand out the front of my house without the antenna.

I have checked the tower map locations and figgure I just point towards the city direction from my location in berwick.

Would I be better pointing at my closest tower?

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Re: Still slow speed with 6dB yagi

6DB is not a lot of gain, if it doesn't have good quality cable you could lose that much through the cable anyway

they are directional so you do need to point it at a specific tower, you can run into problems if the tower you are pointed at has issues, congestion etc as you won't hand over to any other tower as you normally would with an omni directional antenna as you won't see the signal, something to be aware of
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Re: Still slow speed with 6dB yagi

Hi benmarshall79,


Yagi Antennas are directional and are required to be pointed directly at the directional signal beacon of your closest tower. It is for this reason that they are usually professionally installed should you require one as the technicians usually have tools to check signal directional signal attenuation to maximise coverage.


If you are located within a regular Next G Coverage area (i.e. don't require an antenna to even get signal). Usually an omni-directional antenna works best. Depending on the topography of the area (e.g. flat terrain, valley etc) certain level of gain will be better as it is not necessarily more dB is better. The flatter the terrain the better high gain (9+) antennas work. The more rugged the terrain, the low - mid gain antennas work best (depending on elevation to the tower) as they have more vertical range.


Hope this info helps you,



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Re: Still slow speed with 6dB yagi

I have replaced the yagi with a 6.5dB omni antenna and it is defenatly better. -70 to -74dB signal and up to 7mb download and it has not dropped out since.

Still not as fast as I would like though.

Thanks guys.

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