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Telstra 4G MF910 USB Compatibility with WIFI Routers


I'm trying to buy an ADSL2+ WiFi Modem Router for my Dad so that I can set it up here for him then send it to him in Perth (I live in Sydney), but I need it to be compatible with his existing Telstra 4G USB MF-910 (it's the slightly older model I think, the MF-910 not the newer one I've seen).

It also needs to be suitable for when he eventually connects to the NBN. He lives in Aveley, WA so they're apparently some of the few that have NBN to the home. It looks like theres already an NBN/Fibre modem in his garage, so I imagine that eventually he will just need to run a patch lead from that to the new router once he activates the NBN service.

I've hunted around extensively for what's compatible with the MF-910 but haven't been able to get any answers - was really hoping someone here might be able to help?


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