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Telstra 4GX WiFi Pro Modem

My modem is accessing the internet fine.

the problem is when I double click on the desktop shortcut

named (Telstra 4GX WI-FI Pro), that was created

.when the modem was first installed, Firefox will not connect to it.

Says it is unsecured.

When I first got the modem 2 months ago. I could access it.

Logged on changed the default logon. I thought this would make it more secure.

I think I have to make the communication between modem and computer encrypted.

But how if I can't log onto it.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra 4GX WiFi Pro Modem

Try the following:

  • Open a new window in Firefox and type "about:config" without the quotes and hit enter
  • Confirm that you want to continue
  • In the search field, type in security.enterprise_roots.enabled and hit enter - you'll be left with one field
  • If it's marked as "false" then double-clicking it should turn it to "true"
  • Close the window, then try accessing your modem homepage again.
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