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Telstra Mobile Broadband device pricing

Yesterday I received the latest " Let's Connect " Telstra catalogue valid dates 01 May to 02 July 2018. On page 17 I saw the Telstra Pre Paid 4GX Wifi Pro advertised for $99 RRP, save $10 + 10gb data for use within 30 days. I went online to order it and the Telstra website shows $109, online only , $10 off. So i logged into live chat and the consultant would not believe the price I was quoting from the catalogue and stated the price is $109. The consultant stated the only possibility would be if I contacted Telstra ? and because I was a valued customer perhaps they could offer me a rebate 0f $10. I again stated the catalogue was in front of me , opened at page 17 showing the $99 price but apparently I was dreaming. I ordered one for $109 after closing the chat box and shaking my head. Cheers, Buzz.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband device pricing

I'd recommend raising a complaint hereso that the feedback can be passed on.
For Official Support Chat Now, or try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband device pricing

Thank you for your interest and suggestion , cheers, Buzz.
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Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband device pricing

I received the device on Monday, so great delivery service Telstra .
Activation was successful after a 52 minute live chat ! This process was abysmal.
I tried to activate it online using my log in details as the page suggested this was the fastest way. I entered the new device number , got a green tick , then clicked on the drop down box to " select device " but there were no options to select anything, just " select device " in the drop down box as well. I initiated a live chat with Consultant Rupesh. After giving him my details and repeating my details 4 times Rupesh was having trouble confirming my ID. Rupesh then asked for my Medicare card details ,my passport details , my Telstra account number , my nbn plan details , my post paid mobile details , my other prepaid usb 4gx dongle details as he was still having issues confirming my ID. My identity was then confirmed. Rupesh then stated I must confirm what option , of 3 he gave me , I would be using for my first recharge to complete activation. I said I didn't know and would decide when recharge time came as the device came with 10GB data included. Rupesh was adamant the activation could not happen until I chose one option. I chose one option , then waited for Rupesh to do something else. Then Rupesh asked had he resolved my issue today ? I said I didn't know because the device was still not active. He repeated his question. I repeated my answer. Rupesh then asked to wait while he checked on the activation. Rupesh then said the device was activated and to turn it off and on to check this was so. It was activated ! After 52 minutes of live chat I thanked him and then had a beer. Cheers, Buzz.
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Re: Telstra Mobile Broadband device pricing

I got upset after the usual questions, then a driving license details! 

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