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Telstra new prepaid mobile broadband data Plus plan - NO INTERNATIONAL ROAMING ALLOWED, no plus pack

I am very mad that Telstra has decided that the new prepaid mobile broadband plan called "Plus" does not have any options to add on prepaid international roaming.

Not everyone is on post paid, and its not as if like prepaid Telstra customers don't travel and need roaming.

Its a shock to find this out a while ago.

At least Telstra at the moment is not AS YET pushing customers to move/migrate to the Plus plan, but if they close the old prepaid mobile broadband iteration I that I am on, that still allows international roaming packs, I am moving off from Telstra.

I am sure that the Telstra prepaid mobile broadband I is now not available to new Telstra customers, and this discourages me from telling others about the Telstra product line.

Have been with Telstra prepaid for a long time now, but there are now not a lot of advantages of staying.

Just needed to vent.

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