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I was supplied by Telstra a new 4G device as a gesture of goodwill due to terrible rate of failure in my account and general account mismangement (was cheaper then paying me my CSG). It was posted to me with a new SIM card. It arrived no problems but then the problems started.

1 It would not register with the supplied SIM Card (someone else SIM)

2 Technical support could not register it either (till Supplied the details of the account which I did not have access to)

3 Claimed that they would override it and have connection done in 15 min and will call back (never did - but knew they wouldn't)

4 When I rang back and told them not to worry as I will just use my old SIM the Level 2 Tech claimed as it was a 4G device the SIM would not work and I had a 3G SIM and the SIM I had was tied to the other device. I am aware of that and part of the registration process is also to remove the SIM being tied to the first device to the second device which while He was speaking to me I had done. I also informed him that 4G only worked in limited areas and it worked on the 3G network and even on the 2G network as needed so it would be no problem. He then proceeded to argue with me and tell me I did not know what I was talking about  until I informed him that I was a telstra Contractor who installs, maintains and repairs the network and  I was a fault finding tech who there own department called to rectify faults for them.

5 I have now asked for the device to be replaced as it keeps shutting down and disconnecting from the network only to be told after the 5th time of wondering why it has not turned up that they will not replace it as the account it is attached to is over 6 years old and a super liberty 8.75GB plan for $39 which is no longer in service. If I wanted to warranty it I need to change to a 8GB plan at $60 a month and they will then warranty it. This is despite the fact they can see it on the account as a new device sent to me less then a month ago.

6 I have 3 mobiles a 3g ipad a ADSL connection a home phone foxtel thub and tbox and the wireless device so the techs there have now deemed me a business customer so will not help me yet the business techs say I am not. I clearly know I'm a domestic customer as I do not have a business. I spend in excess of $750 a month maintaining my services with your company.

7 I am constantly harassed by so called "credit management" to pay my bill before it is due  after I make a complaint about the team members attitude or failure to abide by correct processes and protocols.

8 As a Telstra tech I am suppose to recommend people to go to telstra yet I cannot in all honesty recommend anyone have anything with them as I have been a loyal customer to Telstra for over 17 years and never has my account been issued a true and correct bill -- yes in 17 years. I have had phones disconnected wrongfully and I have had connections made into houses I have not lived in for 5 years.

9 You have made me a miserable person and wish that your company would realise that the affect you have on people by encouraging dishonesty amongst your call centre operators (no Racism is implied but it is only OS ops who have caused issues -- your Aust call centre workers are fine regardless of the race) is so disheartening that I am now waiting on OPTUS to come back to me with a deal for my services.

I have simple requests yet your company manages to stuff every thing up.

Thanks for this and I am sure you will come up with some marvellous excuse as to why it is my fault and not Telstra.

And please be aware that as a Tech I know what I am talking about so dont come back with these silly comments on how to fix it. I only want someone with genuine comments to say something

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Terrible

Hi LaurieC,

Wow! I'm really disappointed to hear the experience you have recieved with your services Smiley Sad

I'd like to have the opportunity to assist further with anything outstanding, I've sent you a private message to gain account details to sort this out for you.


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