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Hi Telstra, 

I have been paying my telstra bills via direct debit. Last month, my card expired and was issued a new card. I forgot to update my card details.


My bill for feb 2020 was 1700 because i paid out my phone. However, it didn't get paid automatically because i didnt update my card. I only realised this when I had a late payment email on Wednesday 25 March.


this is where the fun begins.

I wanted to update my card details but it didn't let me until i cleared all outstanding debt . fair enough. i paid 1700 on 25 March. my card updated successfully.


On the 26 March, I realised that my account had automatically deducted another 1700. 


Today, 27 March, I am trying to contact Telstra for my overcharged billing. I called the number, told me to use the app. Used the app, told me to use the chat. Used the chat, told me that chat is no longer available due to covid 19. I have spent the last couple of hours finding how to contact telstra but to no avail.


This is the reason why I have no choice but to report this on the forum as I desperately need someone to call me please and refund my money. Thanks

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