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Very slow internet

I have 4g mobile broadband on a 24 month plan using the sierra wireless modem. It works fine during the day but at night its slows down to an unusable speed or it wont connect at all. It often drops out and gives me the 'network is busy please try again later' message but it always has 5 bars of service. I also need to include that I have never seen it connect to the 4g network because it isn't available in my area (which I found out after telstra sold me the product), it only ever connects to 3g. I have 2 questions 1) Why was I sold 4g broadband when it isn't available in my area? and 2) are there any known problems with the network in the Waroona WA 6215 area?. I have spent countless hour on the phone to the telstra helpdesk, mainly on hold, and they take me through the same troubleshoot everytime. The issue is not with my computer, software or modem, we have established this several times. I am currently paying for a service which I am not receiving.

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Re: Very slow internet

Hello Troybevan,

my post won't give you any answers, however, just to let you know that its not just in WA that there appears to be problems!

Even though I am on the other side of OZ- metro Sydney, Lidcombe NSW, and in a 4g area (checked on telstra service map), I am experiencing very slow and low signal when 4G shows on mytablet (24month telstra samsung tablet package).  I setup my samsung tablet as a hot spot for my laptop when at home. I notice that the signal switches to 3g every so often or no signal at all- and I haven't moved around inside the house! When I first purchased the "package" things worked fantastically from Dec 2012. However, something has changed since march 2013. I have been in London since march and returned home last week and can't believe how bad the "package" is performing now!

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Re: Very slow internet

4g sux im in western sydney i have 3 4g modems on 24 month contracts and for the past month they have been slow at night they are useless i cant even load a youtube video...all this for 300 bucks a stop fair trading

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