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kids have thrown out my 4G wireless dongle

Hi guys,


My Children have managed to throw my wireless usb dongle in the bin, before I call Telstra does anyone have any idea how much I will out of pocket for a replacement? Its the Black plan one.


Thanks in advance

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Re: kids have thrown out my 4G wireless dongle

Mmm I'm not to sure. I'm not even sure if you can buy outright..

Not sure on the device either (going well) guessing...


If you're going to go down the termination and re contract path
USB $5/$13 MRO per month 24/12 term
Wifi $6/$15 MRO per month 24/12 term
x the remainder of months left on contract. Early termination ect ect..

I do t suppose you're close to a telstra store? As at least there you can get clear information.


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