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pre paid 3G wi-fi

hi Team member, I have a difficulty to send emails through thunderbird using the pre-paid 3G wi-fi.


I can receive emails no problem


When sending the text in the window is: connected to,


then Error message comes up telling me: the mail server sent an incorrect greeting


Please note that when I am at home I am using an account with 


I wish to send and receive emails using Thunderbird as I wish to work offline when writing emails.


Confusing is the fact that I can receive, but NOT send


thank you for your help

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Re: pre paid 3G wi-fi

Basically no mail server will allow an outside (not on there network aka relay) source to send mail unless a secure mail server is in place in there system. Sadly hardly any ISP supply this. A good fix would be to use gmail and with a few sneaky settings you'll end up with push mail and mail sent would be like sending from skymesh Smiley Wink it would be a bit of a adventure for the novice but would be a permanent fix for both local and international use.


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