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sierra wireless 4g with docking station drop outs and slow speed

I recently purchased a wireless 4g sierra with the docking station. it worked perfectly for the first few weeks on DC/3G (at great speeds with 4/5 bars) we dont have 4g which is fine.


It then suddenly started cutting out and not working or going extremely slow so that websites wouldnt even load. The link shows my speeds with the speedtest website some are using my HTC velocity which are mostly the faster speeds as i thought maybe the network was congested (it wasnt)


I took the wireless device out of the docking station which improved the speed for a few mins but then the problem came back again. Ive also tried disconnecting the ethernet devices, rebooting, locking onto the diff 3g networks etc etc..


I contacted the bigpond tech guys on the net and used chat where they saw my tests and did a few things.. The net did its usual slow then came back to being normal again so they said since it was downloading at over 1mbps it was fine. As soon as they finished it started again.


I took the device into a telstra shop and they tested it it was working apparently and they werent too helpful with answering my problems as their tests said it was working fine (on 4G) angryLAD!


Pretty lost as to what to do now as telstra dont seem to care whats wrong and my net speed is crud half the time!!


I can see a lot of ppl in the forum are having the same problems but they havent posted how theyve fixed them any help would be great! Cheers




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Re: sierra wireless 4g with docking station drop outs and slow speed

Hi sam1989,


We'd be happy to do the best we can to fix your connection from here - though I admit I can't explain why your mobile broadband speeds are fluctuating intermittently, we have a specialised social media tech team who can assist with this.  I'll send you a PM with details of how to send your details through to our team securely so we can get this process started.


- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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