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Aldi turn around 48 hours for SIM activation

Thought I'd add this one.


One of my seniors bought a $5.00 Aldi SIM for his Aldi tablet.  On Tuesday evening, I went to his house to help him through the activation, and all went well, so we thought, and we even printed out the transaction record. 


"Up to 4 hours", said the transaction note, and the email he got.


"Hah, I've seen it take less than an hour for me" (I have one with the absolute best phone number on it, and I bought the card for experience for my seniors classes).


2 hours later after a couple or three of glasses of an excellent Merlot, no joy, so we called it a night, and I said it would happen overnight, and we'll see it in the morning.


Next morning, no joy. 


So senior goes to town for a medical procedure, and when he gets back he rings Aldi.  They tell him we filled in the wrong form, because we ordered a new SIM card to be delivered instead of activating a new one. 


"Wait" I say, "We are talking about me.  I don't make such dumb mistakes"  (well not often).  So at 7.30 PM, armed with a new bottle of Merlot, we looked at the printout and emails. 


Yes, they are all about ACTIVATING a new SIM, not ordering a new SIM to be sent out.


So,using the Aldi Tablet, with the sim in it, we rang ALDI  (not going to use his home phone to ring a 1300 number they gave).


So after 20 minutes of music and " you can activate online", and "if you would like to hang up, we will record the number and call you back", (which would be interesting, since the SIM would not be activated to take a call.  Neat that you can dial ALDI and get the connection, but that  makes sense). we get a human being.


We gave the operator the transaction number (order number), and after verifying seniors details, he said, "Yes, I can see this has somehow not been activated, so I will escalate it.  It will take up to 48 hours to activate"


"What?" says I


"Yes up to 48 hours, but usually much later"


So 24 hours after that call, yesterday, no activation tonight, and no updates.  So I shall be watching with great anticipation to see if it is activated by 8.10 pm on Friday.



I know it's only $5.00, but you can see how frustrating it could be.








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