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Alternate way to order an iPhone 7 and 7+ - successfully

I went into an Apple Store today after making a reservation online for an iPhone 7 plus Matt black 128gb 30 mins before going in for my appointment. You choose online which store you want to pick it up from when you make the appointment. It also tells you which phones are in stock at that store (They receive stock in every day) - the phone is held for you until you get there. They processed new phone feeling on the spot and I left the store a happy camper. You too can do this -if you have an existing order -cancel it and try this. Make sure the cancelation is processed (up to 48 hours). In my case I cancelled my existing online order in a Telstra store (btw the online order never was processed in Telstras backend system which means the order was cancelled Immediately!!) then I went to the Apple Store and the rest is history. Here is the link:

If you placed an online order with Telstra, check with them if it's been processed in their backend system because if it hasn't chances are you'll never receive your phone. That's what I was told in store today.

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Re: Alternate way to order an iPhone 7 and 7+ - successfully

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I'd be interested to know if anyone has also had success with this process.

Best time to make you appointment with an Apple Store is after 8am & before 2pm. Also key is to not have already placed an order with Telstra or your existing order is definitely cancelled in their backend system.

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