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Declined credit

Right, I’ve had contract phones with Telstra before, Optus, Virgin and currently have Foxte NBN and TV full package.


so I decided to go back to Telstra post paid, iPhone 11 Pro.


should be simple as family income over $200k a year and pay nominal rent through employer.  


WRONG, declined bad credit!


So I raise a dispute and I can officially rate your service as worse than bad.  Logged on 29/10 and still not sorted out.  

Do Telstra care?  Appears not.


anyone else had this issue

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Re: Declined credit

It may be that a new account was opened, in which case you wont be able to take out a mobile repayment option until the account has had a post paid service for 6 months. This is to assist in combating fraud and has nothing to do with your pay package. 



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Re: Declined credit

That’s rubbish. So every new customer has to have paid account for 6 months......
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Re: Declined credit

The 2019  Financial Royal Commission has made borrowing and finance contracts subject to new Responsible Lending finance rules. Whether you want to enter  a phone, car or home finance contract is the reason.

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Re: Declined credit



telstra are lucky their is no competition here or they would feel a lot more pain.


service is overseas and when told to pop into local store, which is 1,100 k round trip that’s service for you.


refuse to put you through to Australian call centre.


Telstra coverage the best by miles

service worst by miles



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Re: Declined credit

@Almack74 You could try calling the Credit management team on 13 22 00 and say "Credit Management" from 8am to 9pm AEST.


There are times where the some of the overseas call centre personal are lacking intuition. 

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