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Downgrading plan

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me


My sister has only recently signed up to telstra, and appears to have maybe incorrectly chosen a plan that doesn't suit her usage


at the moment she is on a $80 with iPhone 5 32gig and seems to use more data that phone calls, is there anyway to downgrade to say the $60 plan and then add another gig of data?


I just tried online chat but they were useless, advised I could do it, if I paid $2132 in cancellation fees ??? not sure how that is a downgrade, rather than just a straight cancellation fee. I was just curious if it was possible for a fee?


If its not thats ok, thought i might jst find out first



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Re: Downgrading plan

Hence go on the lowest contracted plan as at least then you can go up and down.. Sadly I think the only way is up with regards to your sister contract.


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Re: Downgrading plan

Generally speaking when you contract you can move up in the plan table, and then back down to your original contracted plan, but you can't move down without paying a cost.

This is partly because the handset costs/MRO are based on the contracted plan. Otherwise people would sign up to the highest plan to get the cheapest handset cost, then immediately downgrade to a cheaper plan.

The only way I could think would be to look at an early recontract, but the handset costs might still be significant and there is an administration fee involved, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

The other option is to look at adding an additional data pack to the account, though this also has a cost.
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