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Mobile Plans for pensioners

I took my mum into a Telstra store today to see what they could do for her as the plan she is currently on is way to expensive for her. The best option they could come up with is a $30 sim only plan with 1gb of data. That is not enough data for my mum as on her current plan she has 2.5gb, belong can offer her for $25 unlimited calls & texts with 5gb of data & Optus can offer her a plan with 3gb data & unlimited calls & texts also for $25. My mum has been a loyal Telstra customer for way over 20years but no one in store could even help her with that bit more data, the guy that was serving us even spoke to his manger but nothing could be done. My Mum is very disappointed in Telstra as she has always payed her bills on time & has always been loyal yet because she is a pensioner & cannot afford the higher plans no one was interested in helping her. I don’t think that’s a really good way to treat a loyal customer.

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Re: Mobile Plans for pensioners

@Jactee Unfortunately, the Telstra plans are the plans. It's not going to change.


That is why Belong is Telstra's little brother, to offer another option. 

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Re: Mobile Plans for pensioners

Have a look at the prepaid plans. They may be better value for her. If you set up an automatic monthly recharge, they last for the entire month.
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Re: Mobile Plans for pensioners

Hi there.


Unfortunately, there are no specific pensioner mobile plans... although they do offer discounts if you have a valid card. More info about that here.


Just trying to help! I get things wrong sometimes too, so I apologise.
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Re: Mobile Plans for pensioners

If your mother was to transfer to prepaid she could get 8 GB of data for $30 month. The normal recharge lasts 28 days but if you use automatic direct debit this amount get charge each monthly. See a list of prepaid plans at link below.

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