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Mobile number has STILL not been moved across to my new plan after 3 days

I decided to change to a pre-paid from my old plan. (By the way I did not choose my old plan. Telstra changed it for me without asking or notifying me...just started charging me $10 extra per month).  The new pre-paid plan costs (roughly) $20 less per month, but I get three times the data, plus some international call credit, which I didn't have before.


The website says I have to go to 24x7 Live Chat to organise to move my existing phone number to the new pre-paid plan.  I did this, and was connected with Aiza, Employee Number: D726315.  I was informed that it was no problem, and it would take 4-24 hours.  After 24 hours this has not happened.


I tried 24x7 Live Chat late Sunday night and was informed that it was not .


So I tried again during the day.  This time I was connected with Denise, Employee Number:D781614.  Denise informed me that the phone number move was still in progress, and that it normally takes 24-48 hours.  Very different to what Aiza told me.  Denise told me to turn off the phone around 6:30pm and turn it on again after 10 minutes.  I did this, but the number still had not been moved.  I tried the same procedure a few more times, and still no luck.


I tried 24x7 Live Chat a little while ago and again it is unavailable.  I'm not sure why it is called 24x7 Live Chat if it is not available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


I was also told I would receive an email with a log of the conversation attached.  In neither case did I receive such an email.


So it has been over 3 days and my number still has not been moved.  I have had to put up with the embarrassment of business clients calling me only to hear that my phone number has been disconnected.  This is unacceptable.  The existing phone number was already with Telstra.  It should not take this long. Does Telstra actually use computers to run the phone network?


Telstra charges premium prices for a service that is rapidly going downhill, and other providers are starting to look more and more attractive.  And the media is lapping up stories of Telstra's rapid decline at the moment...

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