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My Telstra Onedrive 200GB Offer

I've been having this issue for a month of not being able to redeem my eligible offer, I have an agent that rings each day since yesterday but is of no help, keeps fobbing me off to Microsoft! I've contacted TIO to help get this sorted but tbh shouldn't of had to, accept responsibility and offer another deal or compensation for the stress of banging my head on concrete for a month!! Does any one know how to fix the issue of error "Microsoft was unable to setup your OneDrive Bonus Storage at this time. This maybe due to a technical glitch, please try again." I'm beside myself what to do next.

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Re: My Telstra Onedrive 200GB Offer

I've got the same issue, and by the look of it a lot of people do. It looks to have been going on for about a year, really not good enough.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: My Telstra Onedrive 200GB Offer

Hi Treching and Hoareman, 


This is an issue we are aware of and currently investigating. We are hopeful of a resolution shortly. 


Kind Regards 

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Re: My Telstra Onedrive 200GB Offer

Hi Lindy, 


I know you are aware of this issue. As looking at other threads, people have had this issue since as far back as April 2016. With that in mind how do you think the investigating is going, because we are coming up on 2 years now. But hey, I can be hopeful of a resolution shortly.

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Re: My Telstra Onedrive 200GB Offer

I have been following up this issue and I can confirm it is working now.

To avoid mistake in claiming the offer into a wrong OneDrive account, please follow these steps

1. Start a "Private Window" or "Incognito Window".
2. Login to onedrive dot com where you want your OneDrive to have this 200GB
3. Login to
4. Click this link
5. Click the Redeem Offer button
6. If you have never authorise Telstra to add storage to your OneDrive, you will be prompt to allow this, click Yes. If you have previously allowed Telstra to add storage to your OneDrive, the process will just go through.
7. Wait for the successful message.
8. Head back to OneDrive and on the bottom left you will see the extra 200GB storage.
9. Native OneDrive app will take awhile until the real quota shows up.


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