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New Plan Fail - $59 BYO Freedom

I have been attempting to sign up to the BYO- $59 Freedom Connect plan w. $800 for calls, unlimited txt and 2gb data.


I tried doing this online - I recieved heaps of errors on Firefox - So I did it in Internet Explorer - More errors,


Then I called to do it over the phone and the consultant on the other end of the line refused to let me sign up for "$59 BYO Freedom Connect plan w. $800 for calls, unlimited txt and 2gb data" - He told me that they are only able to offer the "$550 calls, unlimited txt and 1.5gb of data" and would not listen when I said I didn't want an MRO - I want the BYO option because my daughter has given me a phone.


Is it true that the sales consultants on the phones can only offer the second plan? If so how on earth am I supposed to sign up for this plan? I can't get into a store because I work - a lot.


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Re: New Plan Fail - $59 BYO Freedom

The $59.00 Freedom Connect Plan can be offerred over the phone to the best of my knoweldge (I did 2 today with no issues). Its likely the consultant you spoke to may have gotten confused.


Suggestion would be to use Live Chat (its 24/7 now) and you can do this via a Facebook App (http://www.facebook.com/Telstra and Select the 24/7 Customer Service Link on the left). I've also played in the shopfront, and there appear to be no issues.


And if your an existing customer, just make sure you have a 13 digit account number. If you don't, you will need to request that we migrate your account to our new billing system to take advantage of the new plans.





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Re: New Plan Fail - $59 BYO Freedom

Yeah I have a Siebel account number ^_^


Just finding time to do it is fun. Wish someone could just update my account and be done with it.

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