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Signing up for a new phone/contract for a current mobile account?



I have an existing Telstra mobile plan which has recently come out of contract. I want to sign up for a different plan with Telstra, get a new phone as part of that and enter a new contract.


Can this be done on-line on Telstra's web site? i.e. If I choose a new phone/plan and then go through the checkout process will it ask me for my current mobile phone number and if I want to have the new plan replace my existing plan using the same SIM I already have?


Or will it just try and create another new phone account/number/SIM and I will have to go into a Telstra store to get a new phone/plan for the same SIM?


Also, anyone know why iPhone 6's take 3-5 weeks for delivery from Telstra's web site (that's what it says). Are iPhones in extremely high demand and very limited supply and thus extremely hard to get at the moment? Or is there some other reason it takes so long?


Thanks a lot.



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Re: Signing up for a new phone/contract for a current mobile account?

Yes it can be done online , on the handset page you have chosen there is a Already a customer? Upgrade
option just near where it says the price and the view all plans button . But there is no problem inputting the old number that can all be done from that page after you click upgrade .As for the 3 to 5 weeks i do believe it is just high demand if you would like to find out before you order you can talk to sales online and they can even complete the order if you wish this is the link Very Happyefault .
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Re: Signing up for a new phone/contract for a current mobile account?

Hi there Brendan, you can update your plan and phone online starting at the following link:


As you step through the pages selecting the phone you want the plan etc and then move into buying-online, you'll be asked if you are an existing Telstra customer, phone number, account number etc. etc. so that required and relevent details flow over to the new device. As long as the size of the sim card required in your new handset is the same as your current one you'll be set to go when the new device arrives, just swap them over. If you need a different size your local Telstra shop would swap that free of charge anyway.


Not sure why the iphones would still be attacting a delivery time like that, I mean they have been around for a few months now. Would be worth calling the sales number on the link and having a chat with them to ask that question.



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