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Switching from optus to telstra



I am planning on moving from Optus to Telstra, but I have a question, which I don't think it has been answered yet.

The optus number I am using now is actually given to me by a family friend who moved to Korea. The contract has already expired and I am just using pre-paid to charge my phone credit. Is it possible to change to Telstra and keep the same number or do I have to get a new number because I am not the original owner of the number I am currently using?

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Switching from optus to telstra

Hi, I hope you're enjoying a connection on our network soon! A number can be transferred between carriers as long as it's in your name - if your friend who moved to Korea changed their account/number with Optus into your name before departing then you'd be able to place an order with Telstra to move the number over to our network. 

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