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In January 2019, I compared Telstra and Optus. It was a toss up, but I went Telstra given their lease t&c I felt were better then Optus when adding "Assure" 

I signed up for the 24 months, on those T&C

I have lost my handset. I phoned Telstra on Monday morning who confirmed that I needed to go to a store, and collect a new handset. No problems. Easy. Phoned my nearest store and they confirmed that they had my desired handset in stock. So, I packed my 2 and 3 year old up, and went in store. Started the process. Went over the options. They lady went out back to collect the handset and advised that the delivery guy had not come and they did not have the hansets. An alternative was to order one, and have it mailed. I said it was urgent, and that I would have to go to an alternate store the following day. She agreed.

This morning (following day) I packed my 2 and 3 year old up again and headed into Rouse Hill (20/30 minutes away)

When in store I was told that as of that day, there was no longer lease options. I would have to buy a handset over a 24 or 36 month period. Annoyed that the contract I signed only 6 months prior is now locking me in, and yet changing entirely I phoned customer support. 


I was advised that a complaint had been submitted, and that I would get called within 48 hours - leaving me without a phone for 2 days (not viable as i work from home and need my phone) If I wanted to cancel, I had to pay $1100!!! I don't want to cancel. .I just want the 24 month T&Cs I signed only 6 months prior!!!!


I returned to a Telstra store and was advised that the plan I needed had gone up $9 per month. That the data was no longer 60gb + bonus 60gb (120 in total) but rather a flat 60gb. That the insurance was now $15 a month not $10. That the handset can no longer be taken when needed, but only after 12 months. That there are limits to what I can update to (unlike my current contract) NOT HAPPY!!! 

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