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Telestra BYO $59

I would like to know how my billing would be done. I have already paid my first bill which was $59 and I have international calls activated. And I see the call charges adding up, over $300 now. I'm not exactly sure how much I have to pay-does my phone plan of $59 monthly mean I pay 59 every month. Any help to clarify my confusion would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Telestra BYO $59

The unbilled call charges you can see in MyAccount or the 24x7 app are before any plan inclusions.
So the $59 BYO is listed as unlimited standard calls, so any standard calls to Australian landline or mobile numbers would not be counted, the amount will still go up but say it comes to $1000 worth of calls it will be calculated as $1000/unlimited meaning you are within your allowance and no charges would be applicable, whereas if you had, say, the $29 with $500 worth of calls it would be calculated as $1000/500, so that would mean you would be over and would end up with additional call charges.

The standard call allowance does not include calls to international numbers, which as standard are not listed as included on the $59 plan either, so they would be charged on top of the plan at the PAYG rate, along with premium numbers (19x numbers, such as competition lines), or calls to satellite numbers.
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