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Telstra.....stop changing things that actually work - Was Happy, now Unhappy


A couple of years back I was absolutely desperate to get away from being a Telstra customer due to the ABYSMAL support.

Subsequent to that and lots of complaint feedback, I personally began to notice a dramatic improvement in service responsiveness and would have actually rated Telstra very highly.


The last 18 months whenever I have had an issue I have been able to sort it VERY quickly by simply jumping online while at work or at home and using CHAT support, even as recently as a week ago.


However, I notice now that you have made a change, now I cannot simply select CHAT and wait to connect... now I need to select drop boxes to filter my issue problem with that.... but it goes nowhere!! it takes me to a forum or a Wiki. no matter what I select.  The other day I selected cancel service and naturally got a CHAT support person! fancy that.


I prefer to CHAT than call as I am able to address matters very fast while I also work.  Your feedback forms usually say "Did this CHAT save you a call to Telstra today".... I gather that it is cheaper for you to have CHAT now that we are all using it WHY BLOODY CHANGE it??


I want to CHAT to someone today to be able to ask why one of my phones on my VERY expensive account is not working when making overseas calls. And I do not want to search through forums. 

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