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re new supposedly mobile plan

Firstly I would like to say that when one wants the head office to get a message,why all the rubbish mucking about to do so??? second My mobile plan went from $30 to $35 approx. six months ago,now you want $40 a month.after 30 years dealing with Telstra I think you better think again, as my decision may effect my home and broadband plan also.The lowest plan Telstra offers is $40 and has 2gb data incorporated which is useless to me as I do not have net on my mobile so why am I going to be charged for it? There are two other companies that offer more for less than that price. So whats the go? 

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Re: re new supposedly mobile plan

@1niftyattelstra I think your better off going with Telstra's little brother Belong Mobile. They have a $10 plan that includes all calls, and text. 


It does come with a 1GB a month of data, but since you don't use that yet, at least it will continue to be banked... unlimited.

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