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someone to talk to - plan update / change

I would like to be able to phone telstra and actually get someone to talk to who listens, doesn't talk over me and not let me get a chance to talk.  Everytime I phone the 132200 number I end up so incredibly frustrated!

Can't I ask a question without getting a blurb that doesn't really answer my question and then not be able to stop the machine from talking.

I want to discuss changing plans where I drop my mobile off the plan for a period while I'm overseas, keeping the same number and plan when returning.  I realise that this may not be possible, but certainly would like to consider options without spending long periods on the phone trying to explain and stopping the person going off on tangents to suit their training (very inadequate).

then yeserday used my mobile to write a complaint to telstra and when I tried to submit after spending some time constructing The complaint it gave a response 'error'

Help! someone to talk to from Telstra (with comprehension English)

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Re: someone to talk to - plan update / change


Have you thought about popping into a telstra store and having a chat with a rep there? At least it'll be face to face and in most cases it's the best way to go (unless that's all changed now).


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Re: someone to talk to - plan update / change

I know they can do this for house phones not sure about mobiles.

I think they call it "suspension" and costs $5-10 per month but no calls or anything allowed , and is designed to stop the phone number from going into the "re-allocation" pool of numbers.


Providing your not on contract, one way around it might be to swap the mobile from post-paid to a pre-paid phone, on the 12 month "long life" offer/plan about $60-70 for 12 months credit (be weary though if used then standard rates apply ie highest costing data rate, highest costing call and text rates). But if you use up the credit in 30 days your number will stay valid for 11 months there-after.

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

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