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How To Request a StayConnected™ Replacement

Service Requests


Will I need to pay anything if I make a service request?

Yes, you will need to pay a Service Fee for each exchange or replacement device (unless your device malfunctions due to manufacturer’s fault which is covered under warranty). The Service Fee is different and is dependent on the type of device you have. 


How do I raise a Service Request?

The quickest and easiest way to raise a Service Request is through the StayConnected Service Request portal and click on 'Start a new request'. Alternatively call 13 2200 and say “stayconnected”.



What is this Service Fee?

The service fee applies for exchange/replacement requests where the reason falls outside of normal manufacturer warranty. These fees are up to $270, depending on your device.


Faulty devices and replacements


What if my device malfunctions but is still under warranty?

It can still be processed as a StayConnected exchanged device. You can choose between Advanced Exchange or repair but won’t be charged a service fee up front. Once we receive and assess their device, if it’s not eligible for a within-warranty service, we will contact you by phone and advise of the assessment outcome. We’ll let you know the service fee and you have the option to charge it to your Telstra bill or credit card.


During the Service Request process we will advise you if we find that your device is not an eligible warranty request, the Service Fee will then apply.


Where will my replacement devices be sent?

You can have your replacement device sent to your home or an alternate address (e.g. work). Please note that additional fees will be charged if you wish to have your device shipped overseas.

Note: we can’t send your replacement to a P O Box.


Can I request a replacement if I accidently damage my phone (water, dropped, etc)?

Yes.  You have up to 2 replacements or exchange device for every 12 months from the time you subscribe to StayConnected Plus.


What if I send back a ‘faulty’ device for repair and there is liquid ingress?

This is deemed an out of warranty repair type and therefore you will be charged a Service Fee.


How can I track the progress of my exchange/replacement device delivery?

To track the progress of your delivery, access the StayConnected Service Request portal 

and click on ‘Track your request’. You’ll need your Service Request ID number.


When can I expect my replacement handset?

The exchange or replacement device is typically shipped by the next business day.


*Devices must be in stock and ready to ship. Delivery next business day if the service request is lodged by 2pm AEST.


If my phone is under warranty but has a non-warranty issue (like a scratched screen) do I pay the service fee?

Yes. Service Fee applies for each exchange or replacement device unless it is a warranty exchange/replacement.


For lost/stolen device, will you send me new SIM cards with replacement device?

Yes.  A replacement SIM card will be sent with your replacement device.  A printed setup guide will accompany the all replacement device. To activate your SIM card call 13 2200 and say "activate sim". You can also obtain a replacement SIM card from a Telstra store.


Can I need to request a third replacement device within a 12-month period?

No. If you need a third replacement device, you will need to pay the full price of a replacement phone or tablet as this will not be covered by StayConnected. Alternatively, you can wait until your 12-month period is up and lodge a claim then.


Does StayConnected offer protection for unauthorised calls or usage?





Is there a cooling off period if I change my mind?

There is a 10 day cooling off period to change your mind if you subscribed to StayConnected via our call centre. If you contact us within this period to cancel your service, you will receive a refund of your monthly charge.


However you will not receive any refund if you raise a Service Request and it’s approved. Cooling Off period is not available if you subscribe to StayConnected Plus through a Telstra store or dealer.


How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your StayConnected subscription at any time without penalty by calling 13 2200 or visiting your nearest Telstra store.

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