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How To Unlock Apple iPhone from Telstra

Unlock your Apple iPhone from Telstra - Post Paid Customers


Our online iPhone unlocking tool is available for personal and business customers on a plan (excludes pre-paid services). You do not need to be a current Telstra customer to use this tool, however it can only unlock iPhone and iPad2 devices purchased from Telstra.


All iPhone 5 models and newer obtained as a part of a plan are already unlocked. You can insert another mobile provider’s SIM card. If you have any difficulty swapping your SIM, see Mobile Support, or visit Apple Support Communities.


If you have an iPhone 5 that doesn’t work with a different SIM card, simply follow the steps in Part 2 to trigger new carrier settings.


Post-Paid iPhone unlocking instructions:


Unlocking is a two part process. Both parts need to be completed before the iPhone is successfully unlocked.


Part 1: Unlock your iPhone online. After 72 hours, follow the below instructions to complete the unlock process and update your carrier settings. There is no fee to unlock your Post-Paid Apple iPhone from Telstra. 



Part 2: Complete the iPhone unlock via iTunes. After 72 hours, connect your Apple iPhone to iTunes to finalise the unlock process, following the Apple unlock instructions


  • Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes, (From the iTunes Help menu, click on ‘Check for updates’)
  • Back up your iPhone and check all your applications and iTunes data are listed in the relevant sections  (In the Summary screen click “Back Up Now” and wait until the backup has finished)
  • Click on “Restore iPhone” and follow the prompts. iTunes will start downloading the latest iOS version.
  • Once downloaded the iPhone will be restored back to factory settings.
  • Once the iPhone restarts, you may see iTunes display a message saying “Congratulations, you iPhone has been unlocked” signalling your unlock is complete. Some carriers may not display this message.
  • Click “Continue” and select “Restore from this backup” selecting your last backup.
  • Once completed, your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use.

 iPhone Screenshot


Check to see if you're unlocked by using a different carrier's SIM (e.g. borrow a friends SIM to do this).

If you're having any difficulty see the Apple unlock instructions.  Alternatively, you can find more help at Apple Support Communities.

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