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IPv6 Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPv6?

From September 2016, Telstra Wireless will be provisioning IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic addresses on the customer service – known as Dual-Stack.


This will be introduced on the following primary APNs:

Telstra.WAP       Telstra.Internet


IPv6 is a new internet protocol for the future. It contains a new addressing format for devices and applications to connect and communicate over the global internet.


Due to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses worldwide, Telstra is preparing our mobile customers by pre-provisioning IPv6 addresses for each service.


Telstra’s goal for activating IPv6 is to provide the same service as IPv4, but with a more modern protocol which will allow for future growth of the Internet, and support for future technologies such as IoT.


The Long Term strategy is to use IPv6 only for the entire network end-to-end.


IPv6 is live on the standard Telstra.WAP and Telstra.Internet APNs. Access to IPv6 requires further configuration on the user device, which Telstra will provide automatically at a later date.


How much does it cost?

It is available at the same cost as existing IPv4 services for all Telstra customers


Will IPv6 change the way I use the internet?

There is no direct change in usage experience. 


Network administrators and IT professionals who manage network equipment and internet applications should start planning for using the new addressing structure so that their systems and applications are also accessible using IPv6 addresses.   


As IPv4 will be in place for many years to come across the general internet, more advanced users may change to enable IPv6 at their own pace over the coming 2+ years.


How will I know if I am using IPv6 or have IPv6 available?

Depending on if you has a device with IPv6 enabled or not, one can visit to test their IPv6 connection. This page will not load if one is not using IPv6.


What does an IPv4 and IPv6 address look like?

An IPv4 Address

An IPv6 address (Full IPv6)

An IPv6 address (abbreviated)




How many IPv6 addresses will the customers be assigned?

IPv6 addresses are allocated differently to IPv4 in Wireless, where an entire prefix is allocated to each device instead of a specific address. Each device will be allocated a /64 prefix, which contains 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses.


Does the customer need to change to IPv6 manually?

Not immediately. IPv4 will continue to be used for years to come. However, Telstra will begin rolling out device Maintenance Releases and new devices with IPv6 only preconfigured in the future. This will make the transition easier for customers. The primary goal of this release is to prepare for official support of Dual-Stack on the Telstra mobile network. Single-Stack changes will occur later in the year.


Will I be using Dual-Stack or Single-Stack IPv6?

On initial release, Telstra is supporting Dual-Stack initially. Telstra will be making a follow-up announcement shortly regarding Single-Stack IPv6 support.


Single-Stack IPv6 is a service that uses 464XLAT (RFC6877) in the network to connect IPv6 only mobile users with IPv4 content.


Are there any known issues with using IPv6?

Telstra has performed extensive testing of IPv6, but cannot take into account all possible combinations of technologies potentially accessing our network. However we know of the following problems:

  1. On some instances, BYOD customers may experience issues connecting to the Telstra.Internet APN. If you are running Windows 8.1, you should revert back to IPv4 only. There is a known device / Operating System fault with IPv6 on this Operating System.
  2. Customers should not configure their Mobile Devices manually to IPv6 only on Telstra.Internet. Telstra will provide further announcements on official support of Single-Stack IPv6 in the near future.

Will I be able to reach IPv4 destinations?

Yes. The deployment was planned in such a way that there is minimal impact to existing services.

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