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Pre-Paid recharging options when overseas

How can I recharge my Pre-Paid service while travelling overseas?


It’s a good idea to recharge before you take off.  If you need to recharge while overseas, there are a few options available, depending on whether you’re roaming or using free Wi-Fi.


Firstly, it's important to make sure you can roam. Check the Itinerary Builder to make sure roaming is available at your destination and see the charges.


These tools are free to use where you can roam:

  • Visit from your internet capable Telstra mobile, tablet or Pre-Paid broadband device.
  • Dial #100# from your Telstra mobile and press send to see the menu, and follow the prompts.


If you can connect to free Wi-Fi on your smart phone, use your Telstra 24x7 App (make sure you login with your My Account details) to check your balance and recharge whilst overseas.


If you don’t have access to free Wi-Fi, the following methods will incur charges when used overseas:

You can also ask a friend or family member in Australia to recharge for you using your mobile service number – visit


For more tips on how to manage your Pre-Paid service overseas, see our travelling tips.


To see the International Roaming Browse Plus Packs available for international data usage visit this page, or for more information about Pre-Paid see the Managing your Pre-Paid service FAQ.

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