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StayConnected™ Purchasing, Plans and our App

Purchasing and plans


Can I move between StayConnected and StayConnected Plus?

StayConnected customers may upgrade to StayConnected Plus at any-time to take advantage of Mobile Technical Support service. Downgrade (from StayConnected Plus to StayConnected) is not available until further advised.


Where can I obtain a Confirmation of my purchase?

When you subscribe to Telstra StayConnected, you will receive a Welcome email which is also your Confirmation of Transaction.


The Welcome email provides details about your StayConnected subscription including your registered device, the date of subscription, the monthly charge and GST.  You will also see the charge for StayConnected or StayConnected Plus on your nominated Telstra Mobile bill.


Is Premium Care still available?

On and from 13 September 2013, Telstra Premium Care will no longer be available, but existing policies will be valid for the remainder of the agreement period.


Where can I access the StayConnected Terms and Conditions?

When you purchase to StayConnected, you’ll receive a Welcome email which will include a link to access the Terms and Conditions. You can also access the StayConnected Terms and Conditions online at or, for a printed copy, call 13 2200 or visit your nearest Telstra store.


Telstra StayConnected app

What do I do if I download the app onto my desktop instead of my device?

For Android, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number, and the app will automatically download to your linked device.


For iOS:

1. Go to  - mobiles - extras - apps - iPhone

2. Select the Telstra StayConnected app

3. You will be redirected to view the app in the iTunes Store

4. Sign into iTunes store with your user details.

5. App will be downloaded onto your computer desktop.


To transfer app from iTunes to your device:

 Go to the apps tab, select sync apps, select the apps that you want to sync.


(Apps can be used with only one account. You can sync to more than one iPhone from that account, but the app will not transfer to another account.)


Where can I get the 24x7 - Telstra StayConnected app?

You can download and install the 24x7 - Telstra StayConnected app by visiting on your mobile browser. Make sure you're connected to the Telstra Mobile network before downloading the app. Normal data charges apply.


Why does the app require so many privileges to install on Android?

The app requires admin privileges to access all the functionality, such as lock, alarm or wipe (where applicable). 


How to uninstall the app on Android?

1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administration.  Locate the app and uncheck the box.

2. Go to Settings -> Applications.  Locate the 24x7 – Telstra StayConnected app and select "Uninstall".


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