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WAP-1 Network Closure

On 20 December 2014, Telstra will be discontinuing one of our mobile data platforms.


From that date, particular older model handsets* will no longer be able to access the Internet or use Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capability. You’ll still be able to make and receive voice calls – and your SMS services won’t be affected. We apologise for any inconvenience.


If you’d like to access mobile Internet and MMS services after 20 December 2014, you can simply remove your Telstra SIM card from the older model handset, and insert it into a newer model handset. We recommend you confirm your newer model handset is not one of the affected models by reviewing the attached PDF*.


Download PDF

*This list only provides examples of the many devices that will lose Internet and MMS capability from 20 December 2014. We’ve done our best to show all affected devices, but there may be some affected models which are not listed here.


How will this affect me?

From 20 December 2014, if you’re using an affected device, you’ll no longer have Internet and MMS capability on that particular older model handset on the Telstra mobile network.


Will I still be able to make voice calls, including emergency calls?

Yes, please rest assured that voice and SMS capability will not be affected.

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