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Is my mobile phone able to make and receive phones calls in a 4G only coverage area?
If your mobile device is listed below (Compatible Devices), you are able to make and receive phone calls on your mobile phone while in a 4G only coverage area, provid ...

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Unlock your Apple iPhone from Telstra - Post Paid Customers   Our online iPhone unlocking tool is available for personal and business customers on a plan (excludes pre-paid services). You do not need to be a current Telstra customer to use this tool, ...

Telstra (Retired) Jay
Telstra (Retired)

Is the Cloud storage located locally or overseas? Data is stored locally in Australia.   How much data can I back up with StayConnected? Up to 10GB across contacts, photos and videos with StayConnected.   How can I check my data has backed up? You ca ...

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With the release of its latest mobile operating system iOS9, Apple has launched a number of new features. Wi-Fi Assist is one such feature. It is designed to help maintain seamless connectivity to the internet by automatically connecting to you to yo ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Nano SIM Replacement    The iPhone 5 and above require a nano SIM which is smaller than all previous SIM cards.      Existing customers who purchase an iPhone 5 outright can come in store and have their SIM card re-burnt free of charge. But remember ...

Community Manager TimBartel Community Manager
Community Manager
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