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Our International Day Pass is the perfect option for those travelling overseas who want to continue using their Telstra service abroad. We’ve compiled some of your most popular questions about the International Day Pass to help you better understand ...

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How does Location Insights work? Telstra Location Insights can be used to better understand population movements across geography and time. It uses data collected from our network to create high level location-based insights that can help Government ...

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On and from 28 October 2016, Telstra will no longer offer you the ability to charge purchases made on Blackberry AppWorld to your Telstra account.   If you’re a current user of the service, you can continue to make purchases up until 28 October 2016 ...

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Depending on your smartphone model, you may be able to use it to:   Create an internet connection from a desktop or laptop computer (often called tethering), and Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can share your phone’s internet connection with othe ...

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Telstra (Retired)

General tips for using data   To estimate how much data you’ll use each month, use our data usage calculator. Data is used in this order: Browse Plus Packs, bonuses, recharge offer data, and then main credit balance (charged at pay-as-you-go rates). ...

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  You can view and set data limits on the handset by accessing the data usage menu by accessing Settings > Data Usage. In this menu you can set data warnings, check your usage, turn mobile data off and set a data limit. The first picture below is an ...