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Telstra (Retired) StephenD
Telstra (Retired)

We asked our Facebook24x7 community to give us their number one tip to manage mobile data usage, and these are the results - now with two bonus tips to help you get the most out of the data in your plan.    Tip 1 Use Wi-Fi whenever possible   Data t ...

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  You can view and set data limits on the handset by accessing the data usage menu by accessing Settings > Data Usage. In this menu you can set data warnings, check your usage, turn mobile data off and set a data limit. The first picture below is an ...

Telstra (Retired) MattD
Telstra (Retired)

      One of the latest features to be included with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s own 'Download Booster'.     This new feature works by utilising both the Wi-Fi and LTE connections simultaneously to give the user the fastest possible download ...

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How does Location Insights work? Telstra Location Insights can be used to better understand population movements across geography and time. It uses data collected from our network to create high level location-based insights that can help Government ...

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