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Support Team TommyR
Support Team
Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

On and from 28 October 2016, Telstra will no longer offer you the ability to charge purchases made on Blackberry AppWorld to your Telstra account.   If you’re a current user of the service, you can continue to make purchases up until 28 October 2016 ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

To enable voicemail:   *61*101**30# Divert to 101 when unanswered after 30 seconds *62*101# Divert to 101 when unreachable *67*101# Divert to 101 when busy *21*101# Divert all calls to 101   To disable voicemail:   #61# Cancel divert w ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Depending on your smartphone model, you may be able to use it to:   Create an internet connection from a desktop or laptop computer (often called tethering), and Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can share your phone’s internet connection with othe ...

Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

Why do I have an “SC” etching on the back of my device?
There are two types of refurbished devices supplied by Telstra under the StayConnected program; some are refurbished by Apple and some are refurbished through Telstra StayConnected. It’s im ...

Community Manager TimBartel Community Manager
Community Manager

Most of us know someone who has found a great bargain on a second hand phone, only to later discover they’ve bought a dud. It’s not a great experience.   So here are a few things to make sure you check the next time you’re looking at purchasing a sec ...

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