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Advice on best setup with Smart gen 2 and Linksys Velop mesh wifi?

Anyone has successfully setup the smart wifi Gen2 and Linksys Velop mesh routers?

I switched over from Adsl ( internode) to Telstra NBN FTTC, my current setup is Velop connected to ADSL modem. I have switched over to NBN today and having some issues getting the Velop to work properly on the NBN - yet to cancel my ADSL service,

The smart wifi router from telstra works fine, with download speeds as promised ( 40mbs dL and 20mbs uL), but doesn't quite fill the house hence i need the Velop to extend the signal.

However, when i connect using the Velop wifi, my download speeds are 40mbs, but upload speed remains the same as the ADSL ie. 1.6mbs.

There must be a setting i have missed on the Linksys,,, any ideas would appreciate it.

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Re: Advice on best setup with Smart gen 2 and Linksys Velop mesh wifi?

If you connect the Linksys Velop mesh WiFi directly to the white NBN NCD and remove the Telstra Smart Modem from the equation, what happens?


If you don't intend to use your landline service there isnt much a need to have the Telstra Smart Modem connected.

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Re: Advice on best setup with Smart gen 2 and Linksys Velop mesh wifi?

Try turni g off device priotisation in the linksys velop.

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Re: Advice on best setup with Smart gen 2 and Linksys Velop mesh wifi?

@NH113  - curious, in your configuration, the Primary Velop Node, the one that is Ethernet connected to the Telstra Gen 2 Modem, acts as the Mesh Controller - is it set to Bridge Mode or is it functioning in its Default DHCP and Router Mode? In Bridge Mode, it is supposed to be showing the Modem's Wi-Fi SSID/s to all of your devices in the Mesh Network.


Have you verified which zone your test device is actually connecting to? From within the Gen 2 screens - I would expect all devices in Velop zone to show up as connected to the modem at 1000 Mbps as they are being fed to the Gen 2 via the Ethernet cable and any devices in the Telstra Modem zone will show actual Wi-Fi connect speeds to the modem. That is how our Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 presents wireless devices on the other Access Point we have.


Also, are you using the Linksys App for Wi-Fi Speed Tests or the web based site? I thought once you were connected to NBN VDSL2+, you were disconnected from ADSL2+.



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