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Blocked Website

I have a website that clients can't access because they Telstra Broadband Protect and when they visit they get the message: Network Protection Malicious Content We've blocked a website that may contain malicious content. The site you've been blocked from visiting may contain viruses, trojans or spyware that can be harmful to you devices. While my site was previously troubled, my web developer has now fixed the problem. I have clicked the "Report as Safe" button, but nothing has changed and it has been almost 2 weeks.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Blocked Website

On, it is listed on the following services as malware/malicious:



Sophos AV


You will need to get it removed from those services and then report as safe again.


The biggest problem with Wordpress based sites is that the templates are not maintained very well and can have links to "unsafe" content. You might need to get it looked at again and potentially use a more current template(preferably one that is being actively maintained by its' developer.

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Re: Blocked Website

Thank you.

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