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C6300BD connection drop outs

Hi...I have installed my 'new' Telstra C6300BD-1TLAUS Telstra09E1Cable Modem, delivered to me last month. I did not order it, but discovered that the old modem support would be discontinued and I had to install this new one. I am a 1 person home business owner and need my connection and must have coinfidence my back ups are being done consistently and reliably. I am not a network specialist, so I got my IT guy to help ensure everthing was set up (My NAS backup, desktop for the kids, Foxtel/XBoxOne connection, laptop and phone WiFi) as I assumed - correctly - it wasn't a simple PnP install


He spent 2 hours going through and troubleshooting network connections, IP addresses as such and had issues with repeated dropouts on the LAN. My internet/email is okay, but when my laptop sits for a short perood, the network conneciton drops out to my NAS. When my daily backup is scheduled, I get error messages that the mapped drives and sub-directories cannot be connected, etc....after 2 hours of trying to resolve this issue, we did a search on the web and discovered countless similar problems reported for this modem. I have to sit at my machine, make sure I have the mouse active and manually run the backup so as not to disconnect during the back up process....the LAN access drops out from most devices, including my Samsung SMART (like a rock smart) TV, ASUS AIO Desktop (Win10) and my office laptop (Win 7) and any mapped drives become unaccessible if I leave them for any period of time, click on them again in Explorer, and try to open them...this is very frustrating.


Is there a fix (not that  have discovered on the Forums so far, but there are only some many hours in the day....



Chris in Perth

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