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I've just been told that I have to pay for a Telstra TV box ~$110 and a  Smart Modem ~$350 on a pay as you go plan.

A: the Smart Modem is mine that I had from another account which was  when we changed ownership. The other person got a new one (keep in mind I have all Telstra recordings) because mine was used and "not with the hassle" besides it costs more for a courier to come and pick it up. 

B: the Telstra TV box specifically says on the box that it's my property!


I'm going to be speaking with my friend which just happens to be my layer about this on Friday.


Anyone care to comment?

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Re: Cancellation

@Christine1999 The TTV is charged at $9 for each month that the contract had to remain.


The modem would also be required to be paid what was owed for the remainder of the contract but what you have said is a little more complicated.


You can register a complaint so your personal circumstances can be looked into via this link (It will take 3-5 business days for someone to be assigned to you).





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Cancellation

Definitely lodge a formal complaint as @Ozmoz has said.


The charge for the Smart Modem is way over the top (they only cost $216).


Telstra don't take returns on the hardware, it has nothing to do with "hassles".


As far as the Telstra TV goes, the charge will depend on how you bought it. If it was part of the plan, then you will have been effectively paying off the $216 at a rate of $9 per month, with the balance being due should you cancel your service. The same applies with the modem, you get it "free" in your plan only if your service stays connected for 24 months.


In the Smart modem case, it almost sounds as if the new modem has been attached to your new service, rather than the one that had been transferred.


And as far as the Telstra TV Box saying that it is your property, that is correct (as you can't return it), so is the financial obligation to pay the cost of it to Telstra.

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