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FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device

Reluctantly we will move to the NBN.  In preparation I have read as much as I can and checked out the Smart Modem we were sent. 


I am still unclear on two aspects:


  1. I have been told that the modem we were sent -FTTN and FTTB- will still work with FTTC. The only difference is the cable connection used – is that correct?


  1. When do we get an NBN connection device ie that small modem like device that sits between the wall plug and the Smart modem. (at one point we visited a store location and we were told an order was put in for it – but after waiting many weeks – checked again and was told no order had been put in)


If anyone can give us a definitive answer it would be greatly appreciated. 

We cannot afford to lose our landline phone connection, due to the rugged terrain we live in, making mobile phones almost useless.

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Re: FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device

  1. The smart modem Gen 2 will work with any NBN connection.
  2. The FTTC NTD box should be sent to you before you are due to connect to NBN. In some cases if the connection requires a visit to your premises they will bring the FTTC NTD.

Is there a order in for your NBN connection and have you been advised when NBN will be connected.

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Re: FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device

 NBN supply and install a small Arris modem for HFC  NBN cable connections. Telstra themselves provide the Gen 2 smart modem which connects into the NBN modem.


On the other hand....FTTN and FTTC utilize your existing copper phone cable for which there is no NBN modem/box...whereby the Telstra modem connects into your existing phone socket.

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Re: FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device



On FTTC connections NBN supply a NTD VDSL modem which also powers the DPU located in the street.

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Re: FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device



1.  Thanks for confirming this


2. As  I mentioned we were under the impression that there was an order in, but were later told no. 

FTTC has been available to us for approx 3 months. 


But we have not yet connected to it as I can not get a direct answer about the NBN connection device.  Everything I have read says we need one?  I am reluctant to 'plug in' the Telstra modem, if it results in a) blindly agreeing to use Telstra and b) lose our landline. 


We have had problems with our internet/phone in the past and Telstra's service was abominable so we do not want a repeat of that, if I plug in with missing hardware.

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Re: FTTC Modem and NBN Connection Device

You want loose the landline until the NBN connection is complete. (You have received the NBN FTTC NTD and your landline has been connected to the FTTC DPU in the street). Your fixed line phone will then work by VOIP via the Telstra modem.


Until an NBN order is placed you will not be sent a FTTC NTD. Plugging the modem in will send a signal to Telstra that you are ready to connect and Telstra will then place an order with NBN. You will be notified of cut over date and should receive the FTTC NTD before the cut over date.


Once cut over to NBN you are not obliged to stay with Telstra unless you are still under contract.

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