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Google Wi-FI set up with Frontier Router


I have recently purchased the Google Wi-fi and i'm planning to set it up with my Telstra frontier Router so that if the wired connection cuts it, it would still allow me to use the 4G network. I am on Telstra Cable.


Current network:

Wall socket = Cable Box = Frontier Router (current Wi-Fi connection)


Proposed new network

Wall socket = cable Box = Frontier Router (bridge) = Google Wi-Fi


My question is will the 4G still work if the frontier in bridge mode?


An alternate proposal would be have the frontier router be not set bridge mode and to just turn off the WiFi and to go through to the google WiFi. This leads into the second question of whether going through multiple devices will cause speed lost?


Hope this make sense.




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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Google Wi-FI set up with Frontier Router

In Bridge mode 4G backup will not work.


Setting Frontier to normal mode will not effect speed but some apps such as peer to peer games might not work properly due to double NAT. Most of the problems caused by double NAT can be overcome by setting the Google WiFi in the DMZ of the Frontier modem.


To set Google mesh in DMZ of frontier log into the frontier and set a static lease for the Google WiFi. (Advanced > Local Network > Static Lease). Set the static IP address you set up for the Google mesh by going to Advanced > LAN Services > DMZ, put a tick next to DMZ, enter the static IP address of Google WiFi and save settings.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Google Wi-FI set up with Frontier Router

If you don't need 4G backup can connect Google WiFi directly to cable adapter and not use Frontier.

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