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Guest1 network on Smart Modem

I have a Telstra Smart Modem with a DLink DAP1330 extender operating via an ethernet cable (due to distance involved). As the extender is being used by another party within the house (consequently with confusion of devices - multiple chromecasts etc - and casting which are all seen as being on the same network) so I want some instructions on HOW TO SWITCH THE CABLE/EXTENDER SO IT OPERATES ON THE GUEST1 NETWORK thus having two local area networks thus disentangling the  various devices and castings. I have wifi access to Guest1 but the cable is still operating on the TelstraXXXXX network and I need to know how to change that (because the wifi without the extender does not go far enough). Thanks, Brian

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Re: Guest1 network on Smart Modem

If the extender is connected to the modem by cable it is impossible to set it up on the guest network and If you use the guest network chrome cast devices might not work. 


Some extenders can also also act as a router with its own separate network. The settings will depend on the extender manufacturer and model. Looking at the manual of the DAP1330 I don’t think it has the ability to act as a router.


If you are connecting the extender via WiFi to the modem you could connect it to the guest network manually. See page 19 of manual Web based set up.

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Re: Guest1 network on Smart Modem

Thanks very much.

In the light of that I thought it might work if the extender used the TelstraXXX network and my network used the wifi-only Guest network. But the Guest network only seems to work at around 44mbps instead of the 110mbps the other gets. And I can immediately tell the difference, so I think we will function as one network for the moment unless I find a reason to spend more on a different router/extender. 

I appreciate the advice.

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