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How is the Netgear V7610 (Telstra Business Smart Modem) a "Business" grade device?

We received this device from Telstra recently and I am dismayed that they could even think that it could be used for business.  The Telstra modification of the interface cripples some of the functions of the device but the device lacks some functionality, anyway.  It is suitable for domestic use.


1. Unable to set a LAN IPv6 address - settings page is disabled

2. Unable to set a second LAN IPv4 address - settings page is disabled

3. When WAN IPv6 is enabled, port forwarding stops after 30 minutes or so - fixed by disabling IPv6 on the internet connection

4. VPN functionality is limited and cannot be used to secure and proxy mobile connections

5. Firewall event reporting and logging email settings have been removed/disabled

6. URL filtering only works on http, not https

7. 5 GHz Wifi refuses to turn on.

8. A number of setting pages are hidden


This device needs to be accompanied by the settings and credentials that will be required to be entered into a better device to enable the voice circuit to operate and the 4G failover modem to work.


Or Telstra and Netgear could get together and work out how to make this a better device.


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Re: How is the Netgear V7610 (Telstra Business Smart Modem) a "Business" grade device?

Did you buy it from a Telstra Business Centre or a Telstra  Enterprise dealer?

They are there to provide support.

As a business, you may have an Account Manager to support or arrange support for your business.

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Re: How is the Netgear V7610 (Telstra Business Smart Modem) a "Business" grade device?

Thanks for the suggestion, PP.  


It is not a problem with the configuration of the device so support wouldn't help. It is simply that the Telstra-branded interface has crippled many of the functions and that the device is incapable of the rest.

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Re: How is the Netgear V7610 (Telstra Business Smart Modem) a "Business" grade device?

In my experience they can't help (platinum support or otherwise)

I can't get a simple VPN connection to work on the V7610 on DOT. If i use another router I'll lose my phone line...

Pretty sure a remote connection to your business is common - must just be a telstra thing

time to try elsewhere 

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