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Invalid NBN order

This is a compliant to Telstra for reference no:  SR 1-2313456759999


On the 25th of Nov 2019, my copper cable broadband internet service was terminated by Telstra. Contacted Telstra and found out that they are phasing out all cable broadband and I was advised to move onto NBN immediately without delay. On the same day of the outage, I spent more than one hour with the Telstra sales team to go through details of the setting up NBN plan. Despite the lengthy one hour interrogation by Telstra staff in which they asked me down to every private usage details like what sort social media I used and what type of internet traffic I use, I eventually signed up for Telstra NBN. Wait for notification of NBN installation since.


5th of Dec 2019 afternoon 2pm, Telstra technician came onsite and removed previous cable modem coaxial connector and replaced a new NBN connector. Overhead cables from the street to my house has been rewired. NBN broadband internet is up and running smooth. Happy ever after.


20th of Dec 2019 morning, NBN broadband internet is out.


20th of Dec 5:30pm, made call to Telstra overseas call centre (tell from accent of reception staff), staff noticed the outage and was advised to simply wait 48 hours for service to resume without giving detailed reasons of the outage.



22nd of Dec 2019, made call to Telstra call centre again to enquire about progress, staff advised he made notice of the outage and rest assured that service will resume first thing in the morning without my further intervention. 


23rd of Dec 2019 morning, internet is still out. Made call to Telstra again and this time multiple teams involved and I was told that my NBN connection, which was in normal service for more than two weeks since the 5th of December, has became invalid and expired. Instead of admitting mistakes made internally within Telstra or miscommunication between NBN co, Telstra team staff in Australia (tell by accent), blamed me for not acting fast enough to move onto NBN. Telstra staff try re-establish a new NBN order for me by starting the same interrogation of internet usage like ‘Do you use facebook, whatsapp, Netflix, again and again..’.  As a result of blaming for my fault, they also need to charge me a new NBN connection fee to activate a new NBN connection which has been working fine for more than two weeks since the installation. Furthermore, the staff advised that my previous copper cable service from Telstra is still active up to this moment and will continue to be active due to absence of staff during the end of year holiday period. I’m still bound to the cable internet contract and liable for any cost associated with the physically non-existent cable internet. Telstra is unable to terminate the cable service until I, as the responsible party, am able to sort out the NBN issue and have paid the new NBN connection fee. As a temporary measure, Telstra expects me to use the old cable modem and plug it into the air to get internet service. The use of free air molecules (composed of mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide) to obtain internet access is far beyond my technical knowledge and ability.


There are three main points in my complaints here

  1. If the oversea call centre staff is incapable and cannot handle the case, please keep their words from themselves and shut up. A much better approach would be to advise me to call back another day or time to resolve it with a local Australian team. Please don’t make up BS and give promises that they can’t fulfil. This is absolutely frustrating to listen to advices of call centre staff. Call centre staffs are liars.
  2. The Australian team staff speak fluently and with arrogance. They never admits their mistake and often deny responsibility of resolving an issue caused by Telstra. The tone of their staff were firm and they believe they are always correct and ignored the fact that the NBN connection was in normal service for two weeks since the installation. They could not explain why the installation happened and NBN internet would work in the first place without an active and a valid NBN connection.
  3. Charging me for using an active cable modem internet connection is unfair. There is no way for me to plug the cable modem back to the wall as the infrastructure no longer exist. Furthermore, Telstra’s next generation internet off-the-air technology is way too advance for me to handle. This case has already been handed to TIO (Telecomm Industry Ombudsman) for resolution (case reference number 2019/12/08903)

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Re: Invalid NBN order

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Your experience is obviously a big failure, and Telstra have chosen to outsource most of their customer "service"  to the Phillipines.   You are not alone, and many here will have experienced some form of issue that is frustrating and tests patience, like you have experienced.


If you don't want to wait for the TIO to investigate a Google search will give you details to write to the CEO's complaint office.

Mobile broadband which you refer to, is not advanced technology.

It is perfectly simple.

Any Telstra store or JB HiFi, a high level Telstra dealer can offer a suitable mobile broadband plan with  a small modem.

You have the choice.


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