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Low customer service, rude and no responsibility

Internet corruption:
It has been 3 months ago
Try to contact to our service already, but they could not help it. Even we allow to pay the fee to check and fix it.
Today is a lucky day, a technician comes to fix it at 8am. But he comes just have a look, then talk too much, after that he is gone.
The main reason he tell us is that the buidling has a problem. The line internet is inside the wall, and the wall maybe has a water drop in. That why the internet fall down. He told, u have to tell the building to fix the wall first, because is has involved to the electric. Then he leave the building. That's it.
This is not helpful. Why he so idiot. We have 3 ways Telstra connection:
1st Telstra air without cable and modern
2st Telstra Adsl via cable and the socket
3st Telstra NBN via direct the line outside to the building, does not need the socket or the line inside the wall.
Then Im waiting until 11am, contact again. I met one staff (Aussie), i told about my problem just 1:30 mins, he hang up me, never call me back
Then, i try to call and meet a Aussie staff. He is not helpful and dont have a skill, i told him my building can used NBN, so the issue will be easy to fix it. He said no, your building is not allow. Then he check again, and he said I was right. Why why idiot staff
Im not happy, i called again, i met 2 Indian guys. Omg, they talk like a robot super fast, i dont understand, then ask please talk slow. The last guy who make me wait and listen music about 25 mins, but not help me, just make me wait (His id is 6396677, Name Nitz or something like it). He told me in Australia just have only 1 supervisor or manager can help me, but he is busy today, just like that make me wait 25 mins. Unbelievable, your company have a lot Staff like that
We have been use your service more than 3 years, and we do like it to us
just simple question why you waste me 4 hours and one day off for it
If you could not fix it the line, we can move on to another way like NBN. Unless you could do that, just make a cancel my plan. 
Just like that, why your company have a lot staffs intelligent
I will not stay with you anymore

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