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Magenta online light

I have recently received my gateway modem to get connected to the nbn. I chose the self install service thinking it would be as easy as just plugging it into the phone port. Since doing this the magenta online light has not turned solid green. Also I have no link light on either. Any ideas on what to do from here? My house is connected via FTTN.


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Re: Magenta online light

Is the cable plugged in to the DSL port on the modem? The Green Phone port is where you plug in the phone handset.

If you log in to the modem's homepage and post the connection stats here, the we can have a look and see what the modem is seeing:

On a Premium Home Network Gateway, T-Gateway, Gateway Max, or Gateway Max 2
(TG587, TG797, TG799, TG800): > Advanced > Broadband

On a Telstra Gateway
(Sagemcom F@st 5355): > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Device Info > General > xDSL (Bottom of Page)

On a Frontier Gateway
(DJN2130): > Advanced > Broadband

Default password is generally 'admin'
You're looking for line rates, power levels, attenuation etc
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Re: Magenta online light

If the link light is off then there is no connection between gateway and Node. Check connection from DSL port on Gateway and phone wall socket. Its best to connect DSL port on Gateway directly to wall socket without using a ADSL filter / splitter. If you have several phone sockets try another socket. If several phone sockets make sure nothing is plugged into any of the other phone sockets.

Try doing a factory reset on gateway. There is a pin hole just below power button. Press button inside pin hole for about 10 seconds using bent paper clip. Gateway should reboot.

If you link light still off ring support 1800834273

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Re: Magenta online light

FYI as well, magenta online light indicates you're running on mobile data backup using the preinstalled SIM, so you're probably on a Frontier DJN2130 (as mentioned by Jupiter) or a Smart modem DJA0230. It only uses that connection as a backup, so you know your fixed line service isn't getting to or working in the modem if that's up.

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